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KinkLab Power Tripper

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Become a human electrode and watch how sparks will literally fly between you and your partner with our KinkLab Power Tripper! It's an exciting accessory that electrifies your entire body! When worn next to your bare skin, gentle but incredibly stimulating electricity flows between you and your partner. Imagine caressing, kissing, touching, tickling, teasing, and tormenting your partner as they tingle every time any part of your body comes in contact with any part of theirs! Foreplay is going to be electrifying when every kiss, cuddle, touch, and tease brings literal tingles between the two of you!

NOTE: This item requires a power source. Before use, remove all metal worn next to the skin (including jewelry, piercings, watches, and clothing containing snaps, zippers, or other metal hardware). Do not use this device if you or anyone you are playing with is pregnant or has any heart conditions, including a pacemaker.

MATERIALS: Copper, vinyl, and metal (body safe, phthalate-free, non-porous)


  • Contact Plate 3.25 inches long x 2 inches wide
  • Cord Length: 44.75 inches

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KinkLab Power Tripper
  • $64.00