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Leather Side Laces Mini Skirt

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Minimal and comfortable. That's our Leather Side Laced Mini Skirt for you! Minimal clean design with adjustable grommeted side laces that add both style and comfort to your outfit! That adjustability allows for maximum comfort as such! The best thing about this skirt being both minimal and comfy... that's two more reasons to add this to your wardrobe! 

Leather Side Laces Mini Skirt
  • "Color: Black","Size: XS" - Sold out - $110.00
  • "Color: Black","Size: S" - Sold out - $110.00
  • "Color: Black","Size: M" - Sold out - $110.00
  • "Color: Black","Size: L" - $110.00
  • "Color: Black","Size: XL" - $110.00